Magic, Above and Beyond

The received lots of comments from my last post, some of which were from friends, that that made me realize that I may have painted an unclear picture as to what exactly Shamanism was and how some practical shamanic techniques can be useful and help us connect to our everyday lives.

The seeds of this ancient belief system dates back to the predominately Paganist Paleolithic Era where life was very basic where mankind was defined as being hunter/gathers culture. Where hunting was part of a daily routine that was preceded by cave paintings and ritualistic dances all done for wishful outcome in catching prey and to apply the principles of the law of attraction. Ritualistic dances were also used in times of drought to encourage rain.



Regarding Shamanism, the same techniques of rituals to get a particular outcome were used, where a deeper outcome branches off to elements of witchcraft. In out now modern era, some people use creative maps, visualizations, and meditation techniques as they did in ancient times. But for us today it is no longer about hunting or drought but more so for wishing particular outcomes such as attracting particular outcomes or people in our lives. It is fascinating how even though our intentions have changed that the basis for the power of the picture or of visualizations can be traced back over 40,000 years ago.

Metaphysic and Magic

In the context of Reiki, we have heard about Universal Cosmic Energy (UCE) which says that that energy originates from a particular space or place. Shamanism refers to this point of origination as the Astral world.

My Shamanic teacher and famous psychiatrist Ratomir Vuckovic, known also as Dr. Vuk, said that, “Every person, every plant who ever lived on the earth still exists there in some form of energy. All our wishes or fears are there… Once, during the astral projection, I met Disney’s famous character Duck who told me that he felt so lonely without Mrs. Duck.”

In Telekinesis where humans have such strong thoughts that they can move the physical objects, then why is it so unbelievable that a Disney’s Duck could be created in Astral world?

Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” If this is to be true then there exists the possibility that out thoughts can have a power as energy, and if we learn about the principles and practices of these visualization techniques than we can use this knowledge to reach the goals and aspirations.

In Shamanism the use of different kinds of techniques teach people first how to become more aware of themselves, and then secondly how to understand the remarkable world around us. In our modern everyday world we can use the same techniques to make our lives easier, fuller, and more meaningful. This is called Neoshamanism.

In this blog, I will tell you how to can apply these Shamanic principles, techniques and practices to your lives for your own uses such as to attract your soul mate, or to find that perfect job or even to lose weight.


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